This publication list has not been kept up to date. Recent publications of J. F. Traub and A. Papageorgiou can be found in the archive

 J. F. Traub and H. Wozniakowski, Path Integration on a Quantum Computer, Quantum Information Processing, 1(5), 365-388, Oct. 2002. LANL preprint quant-ph/0109113.

David Cory's DARPA presentation, April 2002.

David Cory, Integration via a Quantum Information Processor, 2002.

E. Novak, I. H. Sloan and H. Wozniakowski, Tractability of Approximation for Weighted Korobov Spaces on Classical and Quantum Computers, Journal of Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 4, 121-156, 2004. LANL preprint quant-ph/0206023.

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S. Lloyd, A Theory of Quantum Gravity Based on Quantum Computation, 2005, LANL preprint quant-ph/0501135.

S. Lloyd, S. Pirandola, P. Tombesi, D. Vitali, Macroscopic Entanglement Swapping, 2005, LANL preprint quant-ph/0509119.

J. Baugh, O. Moussa, C. A. Ryan, R. Laflame, C. Ramanathan, T. F. Havel, D. G. Cory, A Solid-State NMR Three-Qubit homnuclear system for Quantum Information Processing: Control and Characterization, 2005, LANL preprint quant-ph/0510115.

A. Bessen, A Lower Bound for the Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problem on a Quantum Computer, 2005, LANL preprint quant-ph/0512109.

A. Papageorgiou, J. F. Traub, Qubit Complexity of Continuous Problems, 2005, LANL preprint quant-ph/0512082.

H. Wozniakowski, The Quantum Setting with Randomized Queries for Continuous Problems, Quantum Information Processing, 2006 (to appear), LANL preprint quant-ph/0601196.


Related Publications


 D. S. Abrams and C. P. Williams, Fast quantum algorithms for numerical integrals and stochastic processes. LANL preprint quant-ph/9908083.

 G. Brassard, P. Hoyer, M. Mosca, Quantum amplitude amplification and estimation, 2000. LANL preprint quant-ph/0005055.

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 S. Heinrich, Quantum summation with an application to integration, J. Complexity, 18 (1), 1-50, 2002. LANL preprint quant-ph/0105116.

 S. Heinrich and E. Novak, Optimal summation and integration by deterministic, randomized, and quantum algorithms, to appear in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods, Hong Kong 2000, eds. F. Hickernell and H. Niederreiter, Springer Verlag, New York. LANL preprint quant-ph/0105114.

 S. Heinrich and E. Novak, On a problem in quantum summation, J. Complexity, 19(1), 1-18, 2003. LANL preprint quant-ph/0109038.

 A. Nayak and F. Wu, The quantum query complexity of approximating the median and related statistics, STOC, May 1999, 384-393. LANL preprint quant-ph/9804066.

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S. Heinrich, Quantum integration in Sobolev classes, J. Complexity, 19(1), 19-42, 2003. LANL preprint quant-ph/0112153.


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